How It Works

How It Works

The Perfect Jumper is designed to attach to any regulation size rim, indoor or outdoor. Some assembly is required for two of the components, but after assembly, it's as easy as snap on and play! Switch out with the other components just as easily. When you are finished practicing, just take the unit off the rim and store in a dry place. 

Dramatically Improve Your Game using the Perfect Jumper System

The Perfect Jumper system develops great basketball fundamentals by helping players practice better. As they say, practice makes perfect... and using the Perfect Jumper as part of your practice routine will help you become a more confident, more consistent shooter.

Simply place the desired Perfect Jumper component on top of any basketball goal and fit over the base of the rim. Perfect Jumper's components are designed to force players to develop great shooting fundamentals for the most important shots from the court.

Free Throw King

Free Throw King is designed to help players become great shooters from the line. It includes a front guard to help players develop better shot arc, as well as two side guards to help players better line up their shots.


Perimeter Pro I

Perimeter Pro I is designed to help players develop a great jump shot. It reduces the rim size down to 15 inches, training players to develop better aim. In addition, it includes a 'cone shaped' target to help players line their shots correctly.


Perimeter Pro II

The Perimeter Pro II is designed to help already-skilled players develop even greater shot consistency by reducing the rim size down to 14 inches -- forcing players to develop perfect aim. The Perimeter Pro II is also perfect for rebounding practice, as the reduced rim size results in far more missed shots.


Baseline Bomber

Baseline Bomber is designed to train players on the hard-to-make baseline shot, where there is no backboard to guide the shot. To do this, Baseline Bomber has two wing-style side guards to train players to get their shot 'up and over' the rim.

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