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#1 Basketball Training System

The Perfect Jumper training system develops basketball players into confident, consistent shooters. Who uses the system? Our tools have been used by coaches and players at all levels of the game -- from middle school recreational leagues to leading NCAA Division I programs and top NBA players.

Below are highlights from just a few players and coaches who use the Perfect Jumper system. Learn how others have used the system, then get the system and start improving your own game!


Steve Nash, LA Lakers

"If you want to be great, use the Perfect Jumper basketball training aid. The Perfect Jumper helps you focus on the touch, feel and release of the shot. Once you develop the visualization and muscle memory, you will become a better shooter." 


Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

"Attitude, Dedication, Hard Work and Practice. Do you want to good or do you want to be great? I recommend the Perfect Jumper basketball training aid."

Bob Knight, NCAA Coach

"Most shots that are missed from any given angle are missed by hitting the front rim. To make the shot the basketball has got to get over the front rim -- and it isn't just the decrease in diameter that's important, it's the increase in the arc of the shot that the Perfect Jumper brings about, and it brings it about in a way that no other device has ever been able to do in all the history of basketball. Your training routine needs the Perfect Jumper. There has never been anything that aids in the development of basketball shooting, in creating the necessary arc in the shot as the Perfect Jumper".


Ganon Baker, Nike-sponsored Trainer

Ganon Baker is sponsored by Nike and is responsible for training over 15,000 basketball players each year. He works closely with NBA stars Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Vince Carter, Amar'e Stoudemire, and more. Ganon has partnered with the Perfect Jumper to provide a 50 minute shooting and skills training video completely free.