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If you have a basketball goal that does not lower, you will need a 6ft ladder to install the product on the rim. Make sure you have leverage under the rim to pull down onto the the unit being installed. Take notice of the cut iout on the unit that is meant for the back of the rim. Line up the unit and work back to front when snapping onto the rim.

The product is aimed to help train for all shooting types, such as: lay-ups, bank shots, free-throws, floaters and jump shots, from all areas of the court.

We prioritize customer service and will work diligently to get the orders out as soon as possible. Shipping typically takes 3-5 days.

The straps are for the Free Throw King and the Baseline Bomber, two in the front and two in the back. This will keep these two units firmly in place at all times. The other two units (Perimeter Pro 1 and 2) will not need the straps.

To maintain the integrity of the unit, we do not recommend leaving the unit on the rim and exposed to extreme weather/temperature.

Our product was designed to fit any regulation size basket, indoor or outdoor.

The Free Throw king was designed to fit very tightly onto the rim, so you can use pliers to gently make the space wider where you need it to be. This ensures a good fit so the unit does not need to be readjusted during use.

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Unlock your child's full potential by starting their training as early as age 6.