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"If you want to be great, use the Perfect Jumper ... you will become a better shooter."
- Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash

The team here at Perfect Jumper has one goal in mind: to help develop pure shooters in the great game of basketball. Whether you are a parent with a player in a youth league or a high school player searching for a Division 1 college scholarship, practicing with the Perfect Jumper routinely will teach your body "the touch" needed to become a leading scorer.

The Perfect Jumper helps to improve muscle memory and creates proper hand/eye coordination -- both of which are needed to become a leading scorer. Simply put, the Perfect Jumper teaches the art of the perfect basketball shot. The Perfect Jumper forces the shooter to aim for the center of the hoop rather than the front rim. This shift in aim guarantees the satisfying swish as the ball hits the net, instead of bouncing off the rim. Our innovative products have received great reviews from NBA stars Steve Nash and Carmelo Anthony, who both endorse the Perfect Jumper. Bobby Knight, the legendary coach at Indiana University and Texas Tech has endorsed and speaks for the value of the Perfect Jumper as "the training aid for the serious basketball player". 

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