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">The Perfect Jumper system provides everything a player needs to develop into the complete shooter -- from free throws to lay-ups, jump shots, and 3-pointers. The Full System includes all four components of the Perfect Jumper system, allowing players to practice each of the core shots in the game. Practicing with the Perfect Jumper system will keep your training routine fresh, fun and progressive -- but more importantly, it will turn you into a confident and disciplined shooter from anywhere on the court.
  • Free Throw King develops consistency from the line
  • Perimeter Pro helps players drain jump shots
  • Baseline Bomber trains on jump shot arc and trajectory
  • Rebound Ring helps advanced players develop greater shooting precision and excel at rebounding

Free Throw King

The Free Throw King trains players to develop the correct trajectory, arc, and line in their free throws. The front flap is designed to hide the front of the rim, forcing the shooter to get the ball 'up and over' the rim. The front flap forces the player to use the correct arc to the shot and develops the correct muscle memory to stay consistent. The vertical side arms provide a visual aid for proper shot alignment. The combination of proper trajectory, arc and line help players hit free throws confidently and consistently.

Perimeter Pro

The Perimeter Pro teaches the fundamentals of shooting with the proper arc, developing depth perception and reinforcing muscle memory. The Perimeter Pro teaches basketball players to shoot with a higher arc to clear the front rim. Since players should actually be aiming for an unseen point in the middle of the net, Perimeter Pro is cone-shaped to give players a target to hit. In addition, Perimeter Pro reduces the rim size to only 15", developing shot accuracy. The Perimeter Pro works for almost all shots, from the lay-up to the jump shot.

Baseline Bomber

The Baseline Bomber is an excellent training tool for the baseline jump shot. Without the sight of the backboard, it's no wonder why the baseline jump shot is one of the toughest in basketball. The Baseline Bomber is designed with two flaps that train players to get the ball up and over the rim, providing instant feedback that teaches players the correct arc of their shot with respect to distance from the goal. While the Baseline Bomber teaches players the proper touch and trajectory from all positions on the court, it is a particularly effective tool to develop consistency from the 3-point line.

Rebound Ring

The Rebound Ring develops shooting perfection by reducing the rim opening down to 14". It is designed with a flat ring, rather than the cone-shaped ring of the Perimeter Pro, to train players' depth perception. The Rebound Ring helps players maintain the arc of their shot and further develops muscle memory and hand/eye coordination. Players who use the Rebound Ring find that after training with a rim reduced by 4", hitting shots during gametime is a breeze.