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Fundamentals Package

$ 149.99

Fundamentals Package
Fundamentals Package Fundamentals Package Fundamentals Package Fundamentals Package Fundamentals Package

$ 149.99

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The Fundamentals Package includes our most popular two components -- the Free Throw King and the Perimeter Pro. The Free Throw King develops consistent trajectory, arc, and line from the free throw line, while the Perimeter Pro teaches the fundamentals of the jump shot.

The Perfect Jumper is a series of heavy-duty, high impact rubber basketball training aids that fit easily onto the basketball rim, with no tools needed for installation. Each of the four Perfect Jumper components teaches a different set of shooting skills.

Key Features

  • Free Throw King develops consistency from the line
  • Perimeter Pro helps players drain jump shots
  • Both components develop consistency and confidence across the court

Perimeter Pro I

The Perimeter Pro 1 teaches the fundamentals of shooting with the proper arc, developing depth perception, and reinforcing muscle memory. Many times a coach mentions from the sidelines that the shot needs more arc or the ball is shooting too flat. The Perimeter Pro 1 teaches basketball players to shoot with a higher arc to clear the front rim. Since they should actually be aiming at an unseen point in the middle of the net, the cone shaped Perimeter Pro 1 gives them that elusive point to aim for. The actual size of the opening in the Perimeter Pro 1 is only 15", so the shot must be accurate to fall through the net. The Perimeter Pro 1 is good for shooting almost all of shots from the lay up to the jump shot.

Free Throw King

Free Throw King requires the shooter to have the correct trajectory, arc plus reinforces the correct line. The front flap is designed to hide the front of the rim and force the shooter to get the ball up and over. The front flap forces the player to use the correct arc to the shot and develops the correct muscle memory to stay consistent and the line. The vertical side arms provide a visual aid for proper alignment. Visualize train tracks from the ball to the rim and keep the shot inside the rails. The combination of proper trajectory, arc and line will make you a more confident and consistent free throw shooter.