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Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas (CT) was born and raised in Rockford IL.  Standout point guard at Harlem High School. Upon graduation from high school he attended Purdue University.  C T graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Accounting. In 2001, he relinquished a career as an accountant for Ernst & Young to pursue his passion for training and developing basketball players.

A modernizer in the world of basketball training, CT is founder and owner of “100% Hoops, LLC” which has created a standard for combining high-level performance training based on sports science of functional movement with fundamental basketball drills and exercises.

In addition to directing his own basketball skills development and training program which is based in Indianapolis Indiana; CT travels extensively to help basketball players all around the world. He is a Nike Elite Basketball Trainer and a Fellow with the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation.

He has been or is currently a designated Basketball Trainer for the following:

A Basketball ‘Expert Consultant’ for Sports Trainer Index, MOTI Sports, Athlete Packs. as well as Director of NBA Pre-Draft Training (in partnership with American Health Network/ St Francis Hospital), CT also is a basketball training consultant to several teams/organizations world wide through his global “World Domination” training program.

CT’s training methodology is through a combination of functional fitness and fundamental skills to enhance the performance of basketball players. CT’s objective is to improve the quality of basketball players by helping them  appreciate the effects of positive attitude, work ethic, self-discipline and self-determination.